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Our Huge Secret Reveal!!

Finally, we reveal our huge secret!!

If you haven’t seen our secret reveal video on YouTube yet, than you might not know that we sold our old house, bought a new one and have been living in it for 2 weeks now!

We actually accepted an offer on our old house that we had lived in for 32 years and put in an offer on our new house on the very same day which was October 5, 2018!

We chose to keep it all a secret just in case it didn’t work out!

But on December 27, 2018 we closed both deals: selling our house and buying our new one all in the same day!

We were actually homeless for about an hour and a half that day!

I must say though, that as much as we have been wanting to move to where life will be easier for all of us as we all get older, the process was not without it’s anxious moments and panic attacks!

There were so many unexpected glitches, negotiations, and last minute financial responsibilities that threw us into quite a few panic attacks!

To be honest, I became an even more anxious and depressed mess than normal!

I spent three months worrying about how we would come up with money for unexpected expenses, where we would live if we sold our house before we could move into our new one and how Bethany would actually handle leaving the home she was born in and never going back!

As it turned out, our attorney was able to set both house closings to be on the same day!

The owner of our new house graciously allowed us to move our belongings in before we actually bought it which helped tremendously!

A couple of ladies Malcolm knows from the Post Office really saved the day when they showed up with a truck and willing bodies to help us move our stuff out!

They even took all our junk to the dump for us!

We literally could not have pulled this move off without them!

The house had to be empty by 10:00 a.m the day of the closing, so Malcolm, Bethany, and I did have to spend one night in a hotel and we farmed the boys out to their siblings for the night!

It was crazy and hectic, but we managed it!

After moving into our new house, Bethany did quite well the first few days.

Then she suddenly had a major temper tantrum because she didn’t want us to hang up curtains.

She remained upset and angry for a couple of days which did worry me at first, but although her emotions have been up and down, for the most part she’s actually been handling the changes quite well!

She has never once asked to go back to the old house , so that’s a huge relief!

We are all really enjoying living in civilization close to Josiah and Katy and friends!

The convenience of being able to pop over real quick to the grocery store, movie theater, medical care, and to get a bite to eat is awesome!

We are attempting to get Bethany motivated to try out a new day program which we hope she will enjoy and I’m looking forward to begin attending the special needs family support group that I’ve signed Malcolm and I up for!

Unfortunately, we lost Bethany’s aid, Connie, in the process of moving, so that has been hard, but we do believe we may have found a new one to help out a few hours a week already.

In fact, she is an old friend who was actually Bethany’s Sunday School aid when we used to attend church many, many years ago!

We hope to begin implementing our plan of turning one of our apartments into a mini group home for Bethany and roommates to live in forever with in the next 5-10 years.

If that doesn’t work out for some reason, there are lots of other options and disability agencies and services in this city which we can access if needed!

I am so thankful for all the help we had making this move happen and am looking forward to all the new changes life will bring us!

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