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She’s a Control Freak!

It’s no big secret that my daughter, Bethany wants to be in control of…EVERYTHING!

Most of the time this really doesn’t bother me because I understand why.

I mean, when you really stop to think about it, her whole life has pretty much been out of her control ever since it was taken over by a great big, nasty brain tumor when she was just a baby!

She had absolutely no control over anything that happened to her body while doctors saved her life from the afore mentioned brain tumor.

And let me tell you, most of those treatments were pure, physical torture and there were many of them over a two month period.

If I had done to her what those doctors did, I would have been arrested for child torture and put away for life.

Then you add a life long unpredictable and untreatable seizure disorder into the mix and it’s no wonder she feels compelled to fight for every little shred of control she can get.

So, I’ve tried to let her have control over as much as possible.

She is twenty, now for cryin’ out loud, and even though she is developmentally only about age two, she does deserve to make as many of her own decisions as she possibly can.

I must be ever so careful though, because she also forms rigid routines very quickly.

It seems like if she does the same thing twice, we run the risk of it becoming a rule, written in stone, that her OCD and need to control will not let her waiver from!

And so now, because I let her pick out my outfits a few times she thinks she can dictate to me what I will wear everyday…even what color underwear!!

What started out as a fun little “fashion” activity for us to do together has become an obsession!

I know I need to get a handle on this because it’s getting out of hand.

However, it’s a delicate situation for sure, because even though 99.9% of the time, Bethany is as sweet as pie, she does get aggressive at times!

If you have any suggestions please do tell!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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