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TEACCH Principals in Special Needs Homeschool Programs

When I was homeschooling Bethany, I loved incorporating TEACCH principals in her educational program, because they work!

I began adding fun TEACCH activities into her homeschooling program because it’s a highly visual and hands-on educational approach and Bethany learns best when she can see and touch the lesson.

TEACCH activities are perfect for Bethany because she doesn’t have to use her mind’s eye or imagination to learn!

Everything for the lesson is right there in front of her to see and manipulate!

And now, even though she is no longer required to do school, she still enjoys her TEACCH games!

Especially, The Body Builders File Folder Game!


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Developed at the University of North Carolina, TEACCH is an evidence based method of “structured TEACCHing” and is supported by empiracle research.

It’s based on an understanding of how the majority of individuals with autism learn, process information, and make sense of their world.

On the TEACCH Website,  it says that this approach can be used in a variety of educational settings, including: regular education classrooms; music, art, PE, and foreign language classes; speech and occupational therapy sessions;  private schools; residential settings; social groups; summer camps; group therapy, competitive and supportive employment settings; and of course, home programs.

The fundamentals of the TEACCH Approach are as follows:

  • An individualized person and family centered education plan is developed for each student.
  • The learning environment is highly structured.
  • Visuals are used to schedule daily activities and make the students’ days predictable and understandable.
  • Visual supports are used to make individual learning activities understandable.

If you are interested in using TEACCH in your homeschool program, check out the following links for creative ideas and enjoyable learning activities. 

*A version of this post was originally published in March 2016.

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