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Bethany’s Bad Blood Test

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile, but we’re back now!

Bethany recently had a routine annual check up and she had blood drawn.

Unfortunately, her blood test came back showing that her white blood cell count was too low and so her doctor wanted her to come back to get another one.

Thankfully for us, Bethany likes getting blood tests!!

You know, when you’ve had a kid with brain cancer and you find out her white blood cell count is too low, you naturally think the worst and of course, google all the reasons why that might happen!

Leukemia or lymphoma is what my google search revealed as the most common reasons for a low white blood cell count.

My husband and I were worried to put it mildly.

As it turned out, we really had nothing to worry about, because her second test was normal!

Apparently, one of her medications can cause the low count and so can infections and viruses!

So, anyway, we are grateful that she is okay!

However, my husband also had a blood test and his PSA count (Prostate Antigen) was slightly elevated!

He is now waiting on his second test results.

Since his father had prostate cancer and mine died from prostate cancer, I am worried about that!

So, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, thanks!

If you’re interested, you can watch our blood test vlogs below or on our YouTube channel, Adventures of an Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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