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Bethany goes to the Fair!

On Memorial Day we decided to risk disaster and asked Bethany if she would like to go to the fair and ride some rides, then watch the fireworks!

I say risk disaster because Bethany tends to stalk young mothers with babies.

She asks what their babies’ names are then spells them in sign language.

She also stalks people with dogs!

Now, I know you’re thinking, “What’s so bad about that?”

Well nothing really, except that she also wants to hug the babies and pet the dogs.

So far, it has not happened yet, but my husband and I worry how Bethany will react if someday someone tells her, “No, you can’t hug my baby or pet my dog!”

She just might not take no for a answer and a very uncomfortable scene might ensue.

We don’t really want to have to drag her away, kicking and screaming from a baby or a dog

But, we don’t let our fear of what might happen stop us from taking Bethany out.

She deserves to be out and about enjoying what life has to offer just as much as everyone else!

As it turned out, Bethany did want to go to the fair and she found quite a few babies to hug and dogs to pet.

And no one told her she couldn’t, thank God!!

There were a couple of times when she was a little too obsessive, but we managed to redirect her.

At one point, she made a beeline over to a teenager who was carrying a giant teddy bear.

The girl was so sweet to Bethany.

Bethany asked her what the bear’s name was, but it didn’t have one, so the girl asked Bethany to name it for her.

Bethany named it Jim!

Then she asked the girl if she could kiss her but the girl said no.

Bethany didn’t like that answer, but after quickly thanking the girl for being so kind, we successfully focused Bethany’s attention elsewhere.

Despite a couple of intense moments, Bethany did really great!

She had a blast riding the bumper cars and Ferris Wheel with Dad and declared the Ferris Wheel to be her new favorite ride.

They both went down the giant slide and she rode the Merry-go-Round all by herself!

Then Bethany went in the Fun House for the very first time ever!

And to top it all off, after she was done riding the rides, she actually waited for an hour for the fireworks to start and she actually asked for a green snow cone!!

Bethany NEVER waits that long for anything and she NEVER wants to try any new kind of food or drink!!

So we counted the experience successful even though we had a few behavior glitches.

She had fun and tried new things and despite a little anxiety on both our parts, Malcolm and I managed to enjoy ourselves, too!

But, you know, as I get older and Bethany gets older and we still battle the same old issue of learning to respect other peoples boundaries, it’s getting harder for me to be as optimistic as I once was.

When she was younger, I figured she has plenty of time to learn to leave people alone.

Now, I feel like time is running out for that.

Maybe that ship has sailed and she will never learn not to invade other people’s spaces.

I worry that she’ll annoy people so much that they won’t be kind to her.








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