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Hey guys!  At 59 years old, I’ve gotten into junk journaling a little late in the game!

In my efforts to cure my boredom while recuperating from a broken shoulder last spring and summer, I began watching junk journal tutorials on Youtube!

I don’t know why I chose this particular subject to start watching, but for some reason I did and I quickly became obsessed with the whole fascinating process of putting together junk journals!

I could hardly wait to begin creating cute little tags, envelopes, tuck spots and belly bands to lovingly place on beautiful and carefully selected scrapbook papers or on my own handmade “vintage” tea and coffee dyed papers!

Now that I can finally use my arm again and have begun making my own journals, I’ve discovered that not only do I love, love, love doing so, but crafting beautiful creations for others helps me cope with the depression and chronic pain from severe arthritis that I often suffer with!

One day, I realized that I couldn’t afford to buy any of the gorgeous, fully dressed junk journals I was pining away for and I figured there were probably others out there in the same boat. So, I made it my mission to create a line of more affordable mini junk journals. Minis use less materials and shipping costs are lower, thus making them much more affordable to purchase. My minis are just as gorgeously detailed, and lovingly created as the larger ones! They’re just smaller!

Currently, in my shop, I am offering the choice of lovely 4 by 5 inch sewn soft fabric covered junk journals with a 1/2 inch spine and at least 24 pages.

Pages will include hand tea and/or coffee dyed copy, ledger and graph papers mixed with a few beautiful scrapbook papers!

I may also, if supplies permit, include vintage book, dictionary, and/or nature identification book pages! Each journal will also be equipped with an ample supply of handmade ephemera, tags, journaling cards, tuck spots, pockets, mini library card pocket, and 2 mini envelopes, all for your journaling pleasure!

Each journal cover will also boast a handmade embroidery floss tassel and 1 charm.

For an extra $3 each, you can request a corset pocket and/or a 3 pocket interactive page. (Let me know in a conversation.)

You choose if you want your custom made journal to be a 1) Woodland Animals; 2) Botanical; 3) Insects; 4) Dick and Jane; or 5) Bird.

This is the 4 by 5 inch Butterfly Journal!

I also have digital downloads of my own family heirloom vintage ephemera available and have designed my own line of very affordable truly one of a kind digital sets of journaling cards and junk journal pages for your journaling pleasure!

Most are created from my own mother’s 1950 and 1953 diary and wedding planner which also included some budgeting pages and other fun and interesting facts from that time period including: postal rates, holiday dates, and city populations.

Also available in my shop, CraftyOldLady59, are digital downloads of vintage historical documents, letters and other ephemera from my grandmother’s uncle, Philip Reinhardt dating back to the 1870’s.

Philip came over here from Germany in the 1860’s as an indentured servant even though he was a educated doctor!

I’ve even got instant downloads of quite a few vintage business cards and advertisements!

These simple treasures will make lovely tags, pockets, tuck spots, or journaling cards and /or junk journal pages.

They are sure to be a wonderful addition to your junk journals, collages, art journals and/or a variety of other art projects!

All of my instant download digital files are at 300 DPI for best resizing results!

And lastly, I’ve included instant downloads of paintings my daughter, Bethany, a disabled autistic brain tumor survivor made in her art therapy class.

Most of the images I used are truly one of a kind!

You will NEVER find these exact pages anywhere else in the whole world!

vintage envelopes

If you’d like to make a purchase please leave a comment, contact me at,

Or better yet,  visit my Etsy Shop, CraftyOldLady59 to see what’s available!

Keep scrolling to see a few examples of my work!

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Beautiful Birds and Blooms Junk Journal (Available in my Etsy Shop. Link above!)bird junk journal for salejunk journal pages bird themed charms floral washi tape trimmed junk journal tuck spot ephemera and tagslibrary card pocket with inked library card

Adorable Woodland Animal Junk Journal (SOLD! But I can make more very similar to this one!)junk journaling

Empowering Jane Eyre Inspired Junk Journal (Created as a gift, but I can make more very similar to this one!)Jane Eyre junk journal

Narnia Themed Junk Journal

Retro Dick and Jane Junk Journal.  Dick and Jane are the beloved characters in the readers that so many of us old farts grew up learning how to read with! (SOLD)

If you have a minute, please check out our Etsy Shop where you can instantly download vintage book illustrations and prints of Bethany’s paintings!

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